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So you’ve taken home the gold standard in grills, just in time for summer. Congratulations! Now what? Here’s a list of the Top 9 How-to Videos fellow Lynx Grillers are searching for to make the most out of their grill.

Lynx Blue Lights

  1. Using the ProSear Burner
    How to use the ProSear Burner on your Lynx Grill. The Lynx Grill has many innovative features and understanding how to use each grill feature can make you more proficient user of the grill.  
  2. Getting Started With Your New Lynx Grill
    Instructional video that reviews how to use the many innovative features of a Lynx Grill.  
  3. Meet Leonard – Grill Prodigy
    Meet Leonard. Grill prodigy and the smartest kid on the block. A Lynx Grill is easy and simple to use — an elegant, high performance solution for women and men.
  4. Sedona Grill Island Assembly Video
    The Sedona island is a complete outdoor kitchen that you can set up in a few hours. This video shows the primary steps to set up your Sedona Island by Lynx.
  5. Lynx Grills – Using the Smoker Box
    How to use the smoker box feature on your Lynx Grill.
  6. Lynx Grills – Using the Rotisserie
    How to use the rotisserie feature on your Lynx Grill.
  7. Lynx Grills – Cleaning the Grill
    Recommended cleaning techniques for your Lynx Grill.
  8. Lynx Grills are Mom Friendly, Dad Ready with Ingrid Hoffmann
    Join master griller Ingrid Hoffmann as she shows the latest features of the Lynx Grills Professional Line. The Lynx Grill and Outdoor Kitchen is safe, easy and simple to use, and is an elegant, high performance solution for women and men!
  9. Ingrid Grills with Lynx ProSear 2 Infrared Burner
    Join master griller Ingrid Hoffmann as she teaches you to cook like a pro with Lynx’s ProSear technology. Don’t fear the sear. Lynx’s ProSear technology is the only high temperature infrared burner that has variable temperature control — perfect for cooking any food that you would grill. When cooking outside, varying your heat is very important for scallops, salad, and steak galore!

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