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This burger might only have five total ingredients, but it’ll be tastier than the stacked burgers you are used to. We know, the lavender sounds like an odd addition. Just trust us on this one.

INGREDIENTSThe "You Won't Miss The Cheese" Burger by Lynx Grills
fresh bun
hamburger meat
lavender-infused salt
fresh ground pepper
roasted garlic



  1. Loosely pack the hamburger meat into patties slightly larger than your bun of choice. Season the outside of both sides of the patties with lavender-infused salt and fresh ground pepper. Let burgers sit on counter at room temperature for 15 minutes.
  2. Cook burger over medium-high heat to create sear marks and seal in salt flavor. Finish cooking to desired doneness. Toast inside and outside of buns.
  3. Let burger rest. While burger is resting, spread roasted garlic on inside of top bun. Add burger to bun and serve.

LEONARD SAYS: “If you insist on adding cheese, try a Gouda with this burger!”

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