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The bacon fat is strained out of the bourbon, leaving an underpinning of bacon flavor while maintaining the beautiful clarity of the bourbon.

bourbon (recommended: Bulliet)



  1. Line a rimmed cookie sheet(s) with aluminum foil. Place bacon strips in single layer on cookie sheet(s) and cook on grill until bacon fat is rendered out of the bacon. Be careful not to burn the bacon or bacon fat.
  2. Mix one part slightly cooled bacon fat with five parts bourbon (for instance, 1 cup fat with 5 cups bourbon) in a mason or other sealable jar. Refrigerate for at least one day and up to two days.
  3. Remove the solidified bacon fat from the bourbon. Strain bourbon through a coffee filter into a clean container. You will likely have to use multiple coffee filters (one at a time) as the filters become clogged with residue fat.

LYNX TIP: Freeze the fat you take out of the bourbon and use it in place of butter or olive oil!

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